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Video Quality

The quality of a film is an important thing that must be considered. Poor film quality will make an otherwise good film unpleasant to watch. For those of you who frequently download movies, of course you know which quality is the best and the worst. Movies with good quality usually have a fairly large size in the device’s memory.

1. Bluray/ BRRір
This type is the best and highest quality for movies. The images and audio displayed in films of this quality are very good. Bluray/BRRір has the highest resolution, namely 1920×1080 and 1280×720 (720р). However, if you want to download Bluray/BRRip quality movies, you must have high computer specifications. If the computer specs are low, then the image in movies will be choppy or unwatchable.

This is a very good measure in terms of movie size. This quality measure comes from digital recordings of cable TV, digital TV or satellite TV channels.

3. mHD (Mіnі/ Mісrо HD)
This quality is actually almost the same as Bluray, it’s just that the size is smaller. But take it easy, the pictures and audio of this quality film are still good to be enjoyed while watching.

The quality of this one is almost on par with Bluray 720p. The Web-DL version usually doesn’t have the TV logo or on-screen ads like there are HDTVs.

5. DVDRір
DVDRip is a RIP of the original DVD that has been out there. Movies with this quality are only taken by video without any extra features. DVDRip quality depends on the ripping process, but most DVDRips have the same quality as the original DVD both images and sound.

6. WEBRip
This quality is taken directly from a site that provides video streaming. This type of quality is suitable for those of you who like to download movies using a smartphone. This is because the resolution of this quality is very good and fits right on a smartphone.

7. DVDScr
The quality of this one is still really bad. And usually this quality is taken from Asian cinemas such as China and Korea.

This last quality is the worst quality among the others. This file is taken from the camera that records the course of the film in the cinema. Pictures of this quality are usually shaky and the audio blends in with the sound of the audience.



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